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Date : 12-04-24 12:42
Fissler Launches Vitaquick Premium Pressure Cooker Line to US
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Young. Modern. Ingenious. This is not your grandmothers pressure cooker.

With its attractive sleek design and innovative construction, The Fissler Vitaquick line is perfect for newcomers to pressure-cooking and pros alike. These high-quality pressure cookers are still the easiest to use and clean on the market. Silent under pressure with fool-proof safety features, the Vitaquick is an updated version of the best-selling Blue Point line and is 100% made in Germany, fully dishwasher-safe, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

$250 for 2.5L Pressure Cooker to $365 for 10L Pressure Cooker with perforated insert

Vitaquick pressure cooker

With over 55 years of pressure cooker experience, Fissler presents the next step in fast food: Vitaquick, an original pressure cooker, redesigned from the ground up. Cooks will love the German innovations that make pressure cooking more user-friendly by increasing speed, improving appearance and eliminating old pressure cooking fears. With the Fissler Vitaquick, Americans can feel good about eating more fast food!

Clean lines – for the modern kitchen
- Sleek conical shape allows all Vitaquick pressure cookers of the same diameter to stack together for compact storage.
- Attractive contemporary look in polished stainless steel, with blue pressure indicator and cool-to-the-touch non-slip black handles.
- A size for every household: four deep cookers plus two sizes in Fisslers unique pressure skillet shape. For the enthusiastic home chef, the Pressure Pan Set includes a glass lid for conventional cooking and the stackable Quattro set has a deep pressure cooker and a shallow pressure pan for different cooking needs.

Two cooking settings – from gentle to fast
- Gentle and speed settings: A large blue indicator shows the cooking setting. The gentle setting is used for delicate ingredients like fish, fine vegetables and even desserts. The speed setting cooks bean soups, stews and meat in a third of the regular cooking time.

Practical features – easy and safe
- Positioning aid: A metal tongue on the lid makes it easy to correctly position the lid on the cooker. And it can be closed effortlessly due to the newly designed rim.
- Locking indicator: An audible click and a color display in the handle indicate that the cooker is securely closed and ready to begin cooking. Only then can the pressure start to build up. When cooking is done, releasing pressure is as easy as pressing a button. The Fissler Euromatic safety mechanism prevents excess pressure build up and keeps the cooker from being opened if there is any pressure remaining within.
- Easy to clean: unlike old pressure cookers, no disassembly is necessary for everyday clean up.
- Removable handle: Easy to remove when extra cleaning is necessary or storage space is limited.
- For all stoves: Thanks to its CookStar base, the Vitaquick can be used on all kinds of stoves, even induction. The internationally-patented CookStar all-stove base is made of high-quality stainless steel fully encapsulated around an extra-thick 6mm aluminum core. The CookStar base conserves energy and provides perfect heat distribution, eliminating hot spots.
- UL listed for consumer safety assurance.


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